Pantonelli Ltd is committed to and a believer in quality work. Our team had been the first fumigator in Hungary to win the title of "Licensed Fumigator" from Gafta (Grain and Feed Trade Association, operating in the United Kingdom). Gafta conducts an annual audit at our company, during which food safety and employee safety always have a prominent role.


Address: 1204 Budapest, Versec u. 9.

Company Reg. Num.: 01-09-401275

Tax ID: 27866755-2-43

[ Permission issued by: Government Office of Budapest / XX. District Office / Department of Public Health. Case number: BP-20/NEO/24403-3/2022 // Mr. Zoltan Nabradi lead fumigator's EEKH registration number: 205433 ]


Certificates, Standards, Permissions, Material Safety Sheets


Collection of Relevant Regulations and Legislation

EMMI Decree 2017

16/2017. (VIII. 7.) EMMI decree on: the rules governing the activity of pest control and fumigation

Biocid Decree

38/2003. (VII. 7.) ESzCsM-FVM-KvVM decree on: the regulation concerning the conditions for the production and placing on the market of biocidal products

Chemical Safety Act

XXV. Chemical Safety Act from year 2000

Health Act

1997 – CLIV Health Act, 73. § on extermination of insects and other arthropods and rodents

Epidemiological Decree

18/1998. (VI. 3.) NM decree – Regulation on epidemiological measures to prevent communicable diseases and epidemics

Relevant parts:
– 36. § / 37. § / 38. § / 39. §
– 4th attachment

Permissions of biocidal products

316/2013. (VIII. 28.) Government regulation on: certain rules for the authorization and placing on the market of biocidal products

professional activities requiring the use of toxic products

453/2017. (XII. 27.) Government Decree on the rules for the professional practice-based recognition of professional activities requiring the use of toxic products regulated by the Minister responsible for Public Health

Licensing of Plant Protection Products

89/2004. (V. 15.) FVM decree on licensing the marketing and use of plant protection products, as well as on the packaging, marking, storage and transport of plant protection products

Training of Healthcare Professionals

63/2011. (XI. 29.) NEFMI decree on the rules for further training of healthcare professionals